Middle-East Association on Aging and Alzheimer's
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By-Laws of the Middle -East Assotiation on Aging (MEAAA)

Article 1.
The Association is called The Middle-East Association On Aging & Alzheimer (MEAAA), herein after referred to as The Association.

Article 2.
The legal Headquarters of the Association is established Australia and the secretarial office will be at at Tripoli-Lebanon at the Abyad Medical Center.


Article 3.
The purposes of The MEAA shall be to advance the scientific and scholarly study of aging and to promote human welfare by the encouragement of gerontology and geriatrics in all its areas. Therefore, the Society's objectives shall be:

  • To promote the scientific study of aging in both the biomedical and behavioral/social sciences; by direct members and member organizations, and to promote cooperation among these organizations
  • To support the Middle-East journal of Age & Aging
  • To promote research and knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and to raise public awareness 
      about the disease
  • To stimulate communications among scholarly disciplines, and among professionals including  
       researchers, teachers, administrators, and others;
  • To expand education in aging; and to develop the qualifications of gerontologists by setting high standards of professional ethics, conduct, education, and achievement. To promote training of highly qualified personnel in the fields of aging.
  • To foster application of research to the field of practice; and to advance the utilization of research in the development of public policy; and to disseminate research findings by means of its publications;
  • To promote the interests of the gerontological organizations and individual members in all questions pertaining to foreign or international matters.
  • To promote and assist in the arrangements for holding the Middle-Eastern Congress of Gerontology at intervals determined by the Council.

Article 4.
Members of the Association will undertake to carry out the aims of the Association by all means at their disposal.