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First Middle East Congress on Aging -Istanbul Turkey March 15-19

The First Middle East Congress on Aging took place between 15-19 March 2006. The congress was organized with full support of the Turkish Government and full collaboration of the Middle East Association of Aging and Alzheimer's.

MEAAA was one of the main organizer that helped in establishing a strong
Scientific committee from the Middle East.

The First Middle East Aging Congress inspired from the recommendations stressing the need to develop "Regional Action Plans for Aging" arising as the outcome of the UN 2nd World Congress on Aging, the European Federation of the Elderly Migrants (ERFEM) took the first steps and started working to address the subject matter of the "International Middle East Congress on Aging" within a broad framework and with a multidisciplinary approach. As a result of the talks held with officials in Turkey and in various European Countries, and due to the general tendency that Turkey would be a more suitable place for such a Congress, the congress organization efforts are now being carried out at a broader dimension with the cooperation of ERFEM, the Turkish Geriatrics Foundation (TÜGEV), Social Services and Child Protection Agency (SHÇEK), the Greater Municipality of Istanbul (IBB), and the Middle East Association on Aging and Alzheimer MEAAA.

The Purpose of the Congress were the following
· Contributing in efforts to bring the global phenomenon of aging to the attention of the regional countries
· Developing a national geriatrics policy,
· Developing the concepts of geriatric care and services,
· Contributing to social awareness,
· Analyzing in cultural terms the phenomenon of aging,
· Establishing and monitoring demographic developments,
· Ensuring exchange of information and experience,
· Training institutions and specialized personnel trainings,
The conference was successful in setting the scene for future activities and conference in the region. It was agreed that the second conference will take place in the United Arab Emirates under the patronage of Minsitry of Social Affairs e Sincerely

A. Abyad, MD, MPH, MBA, AGSF
Co-President of the First Middle East Congress on Aging