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Affiliated organisation:
1. The Journal of the American Geriatric Society
2. American Academy of Antiageing Medicine
3. Middle East Longevity Institute - Lebanon

Chief editor
Abdulrazak Abyad MD, MPH, MBA, AGSF, AFCHSE

Editorial office:
Abyad Medical Centre & Middle East Longevity Institute
Azmi Street, Abdo Centre
PO Box 618
Tripoli, Lebanon
Tel: 961 6 443 684
Fax: 961 6 443 685

Lesley Pocock
medi+WORLD International

11 Colston Avenue,
Sherbrooke 3789, VIC
Tel: +61 3 9005 9847
Fax: +61 3 9012 5857



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Classifieds  Block - $200
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All advertising must meet the ethical guidelines of the journal.
To provide maximum utility to advertisers, advertisements may 'link' to advertiser's websites or additional screens of information.
If promoting pharmaceutical products, please provide abbreviated prescribing information as this may be a legal requirement in some countries.

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The Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing will be issued four monthly in 2007. All issues of the journal will be archived on the site and available for reference at any time. The Classified section in each journal, can be updated at any time until the next issue is posted.

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Display material should be forwarded as gifs or jpgs, and animations, preferably as animated gifs. Animations can be provided in Flash, however the user may not necessarily be able to play these. The site will have a Flash player that can be downloadable however. All other copy should be forwarded as Word.
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